campania, and most specifically naples, is well-known for their pizza, but the cuisine goes much deeper. located in southern italy in an area famous for its ancient ruins and dramatic coastlines, campania is a fertile growing region that boasts an abundance of pristine produce. the cuisine of campania relies on sun-kissed vegetables (tomatoes) and herbs (basil), dried pastas, and fresh famous cheeses (buffala mozzarella), all of which have we have compiled into a menu that celebrates cooking in campania in summer. 

we welcome you to join us for dinner in july to enjoy this extra-special menu. optional wine pairings that are perfectly paired to each course are also a highlight. 

mozzarella en carrozza
sun-ripened cherry tomatoes, romaine, red wine vinaigrette
selim, viticoltori de conciliis nv
ravioli caprese
tomato-braised beef, ricotta salata, fresh basil
aglianico, viticoltori de conciliis, donnaluna 2015

menu $26 | wine $16